Virtual Paradise

Virtual Paradise is an online virtual universe consisting of several 3D worlds. In each world you can chat with others, create your own buildings and explore the environments built by other users of Virtual Paradise.

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Getting started

To get started you need a Virtual Paradise account. You can create a free account on the registration page.

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Latest News: Virtual Paradise 0.4.9

Version 0.4.9 is now available, with the following changes:

  • Option to multiply particle color with world ambient color
  • Buttons to apply terrain height, texture or rotation to multiple cells at once
  • Live update when changing terrain height, texture or rotation from object properties
  • Include VirtualParadise_No_Web.exe in installation package
  • Direct3D 11: Fix texture memory leak
  • Direct3D 11: Fix application hanging in some cases when unloading textures
  • Fix particle emitter axis not showing up correctly
  • Fix crash when reading AWG files with text longer than 255 bytes
  • Fix new line characters not being read correctly from AWG files
  • Fix validation of length for model, action and description
  • Fix object not saving when deselecting a single object while multiple objects are selected
  • Fix highlighting of 'seq' command

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Happy new year! Introducing VP version 0.4.8
Read More & Comment 🎉 Happy New Year! 🎊 Wishing you an amazing 2024! 🥳🥂

We're kicking off the year with a new version of VP! 🚀 Here's the list of changes:
  • Fix inaccuracy in clustered shading light assignment, which caused lighting artifacts in some cases
  • Show particle volume as bounding box
  • Show bounding rectangle for selected terrain cells
  • Gamepad support using XInput on Windows
  • Fix always falling through the floor if the first reconnection attempt fails
  • Select all objects in a 10x10m cell when holding CTRL
  • Separate VirtualParadise_No_Web.exe executable added on Windows, allowing VP to start without web support. Running this instead of the main executable might make VP run on older operating systems.
  • Update CEF to version 120
  • Fix hang at login window on Linux
  • Direct3D 9: Fix incorrect FVF value for CreateVertexBuffer, causing crash on AMD hardware
  • Direct3D 9: Change default of d3d9_white_texture to 1 (fixes rendering of opaque objects on AMD)
  • Direct3D 9: Add support for indexed drawing with base vertex. Fixes rendering of some md5mesh models.
  • Direct3D 11: Implement a texture memory budget, dropping the largest mip levels when needed (default 8192MB, controlled by texture_budget setting in the configuration file)
  • OpenGL 2: Improve shader compatibility by naming all structs, anonymous structs are not supported in GLSL
  • OpenGL 4: Fix abysmal performance on some hardware (AMD on Windows and Linux)
  • OpenGL 4: Fix incorrect color on specular highlights and dark areas on transparent surfaces
  • Vulkan: Support different primitive topologies (such as lines, fixing the selection boxes)
  • Vulkan: Fix rendering of 2D elements
  • Vulkan: Fix names/chat above avatars
  • Vulkan: Allow texture loading on background threads
  • Vulkan: Allow creating vertex buffers on background threads
  • Vulkan: Fix several validation warnings and errors
  • Vulkan: Show memory budgets in diagnostic text
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