About Virtual Paradise

Virtual Paradise is an online virtual universe consisting of several 3D worlds. In each world you can chat with others, create your own buildings and explore the environments built by other users of Virtual Paradise.

Latest News

Version 0.3.54


Virtual Paradise version 0.3.54 has been released and it has some useful new features and fixes:

  • Sound support with 2D and 3D sound sources. Supported file formats are Ogg Vorbis, Opus and WAV (PCM only)
  • Custom cameras (attach camera to named objects) with the camera command
  • Home key switches to first person camera
  • Fix group objects being assigned to wrong owner 0, making it impossible to use commands with name to refer to objects inside the group
  • Fix incorrect lighting for point lights
  • Fix light positions not updating for lights attached to invisible objects with move/rotate animations
  • Fix live updating of world light settings
  • Fix object editor not working for particle emitter objects on Mac OS X
  • Fix particles rendering up side down
  • Fix possible deadlock (client freezing) in adone trigger handling
  • Fix rotate command not having an implicit infinite wait time when an animation duration is specified (time=)

As usual, let me know what you think and report any bugs you find on the bug tracker. The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Version 0.3.53


Version 0.3.53 of Virtual Paradise is now available with some nice features:

  • Spot lights:
  • Particle Editor UI:
  • Group command to load object groups from the object path
  • Optimization for single sprite particle emitter objects (like those often used for street lights)

If you find any bugs, please report them to the bug tracker. Any feedback on the new changes is also welcome, you can reply to this message on the VP forums :)

Version 0.3.52


Virtual Paradise 0.3.52 has been released with the following changes:

  • Add links to wiki and bug tracker to help menu
  • Create vertex buffers and textures from background threads with Direct3D 11 renderer when driver reports support, can be disabled with d3d11_concurrent_creates=0 setting
  • Fix crash when loading model list file containing empty lines
  • Fix crashing when world settings are received before renderer is initialized
  • Fix incorrect detection of GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 (for MD5 rendering using OpenGL)
  • Fix only first MD5 vertex weight being used when rendering with OpenGL shaders
  • Fix possible crash in mask bitmap loader
  • Fix world settings not loading properly
  • Mac OS X: Changed world list icons to match Windows/Linux version (and added 2x resolution version for retina displays)
  • Mac OS X: Disable pop-up button below users list if there is no selection
  • Mac OS X: Don't show users list context menu if there is no selection
  • Mac OS X: Fix broken MD5 rendering with Nvidia GPUs
  • Mac OS X: Fix crash after login if v-sync is enabled
  • Mac OS X: Remember username after successful login
  • Mac OS X: Show user ID in users list context menu
  • Mac OS X: Use max_fixed_visibility for visibility menu

 The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page. If you find any issues, please report them on the bug tracker.