About Virtual Paradise

Virtual Paradise is an online virtual universe consisting of several 3D worlds. In each world you can chat with others, create your own buildings and explore the environments built by other users of Virtual Paradise.

Latest News

Version 0.3.57


Virtual Paradise 0.3.57 has been released! This new version includes support for a new model format (Wavefront OBJ files) and much improved mouse input on Windows. Here is the change list:

  • OBJ model support
  • Remove fade in of fire light fx
  • Support for using tag= to assign materials to named groups in OBJ and MD5 models
  • Windows raw mouse input (much better sample rate) and support for optional mouse filter
  • Fix crash when mask file failed to open
  • Fix incorrect rendering of concave quads from RWX models (like parch01.rwx) by tesselating them like other n-sided polygons
  • Fix loading of VPPTSV object group files with "inf" values in the RotationAngle field (this is used as a flag to signal that the Rotation X, Y and Z fields contain euler angles instead of an axis-angle rotation)
  • Fix loop not working for rotate command when time is specified without wait


Version 0.3.56


Virtual Paradise version 0.3.56 has been released. Most of the changes in this release are bug fixes, here is the full list:

  • Rotation angles in path object editor grid
  • Use a different way of creating the OpenGL context in the Qt 5 GUI (fixes keyboard focus issue in bug #129)
  • Sound volume setting
  • Fix OpenGL GPU based vertex skinning for MD5 models not working when EXT_gpu_shader4 is not available as an extension but the OpenGL version is 3.0 or higher
  • Fix URL's containing pipe characters not being saved because the character is not valid in a Windows file name
  • Fix crashing issues with v-sync on Mac OS X
  • Fix existing light not removed from object when replacement light is deemed "invisible" (bug #135)
  • Fix handling of commas and semicolons for quoted strings in action commands (fixes bug #106)
  • Fix loading of object path texture names containing slash or colon characters
  • Fix low frame rate in CEF web browsers
  • Fix object owner name of previously selected object not being cleared from the object properties window (fixes bug #133)
  • Fix too dark colors when sRGB OpenGL extensions are available but the framebuffer is not sRGB capable. Either shader based color conversion will be used or sRGB will be disabled

 The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page. If you find any bugs or have any ideas for new features you can add them to the bug tracker

Version 0.3.55


Virtual Paradise 0.3.55 has been released with the following changes:

  • 64-bit version for Windows
  • Button to open storage folder in settings dialog
  • Chat color invert setting using Qt property in style sheet (old config file and command line options are removed, css property can be set like this: "ChatViewWidget { qproperty-invert_colors: true; }")
  • Cube3's VP UI themes bundled
  • Fix incorrect lighting for normal mapped materials on OpenGL with shaders renderer
  • Fix mask from last rendered object being applied to web overlay
  • Fix name persisting after being removed from action (bug #126)
  • Fix normal map texture specified in RWX file affecting world colors with renderers that don't support normal maps
  • Friends list sorting
  • Installer on Windows
  • Resize textures to power of 2 sizes disabled by default
  • Store cache and configuration file on Windows in local appdata folder
  • Style sheet option in configuration and settings dialog
  • Support for looping of sounds using Vorbis and Opus files
  • Use Windows Unicode file paths
  • Volume setting for sound and noise command (volume=0.5 makes the volume 50%, this can also be called without a sound name to change the volume of the currently playing sound on the target object)
  • World setting for disabling the debug menu (setting key allow_debug_menu)
  • World setting for visibility override (setting key override_visibility)

 The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page. If you find any bugs or have any ideas for new features you can add them to the bug tracker