Virtual Paradise

Virtual Paradise is an online virtual universe consisting of several 3D worlds. In each world you can chat with others, create your own buildings and explore the environments built by other users of Virtual Paradise.

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Getting started

To get started you need a Virtual Paradise account. You can create a free account on the registration page.

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Latest News: Version 0.3.68

Virtual Paradise version 0.3.68 is now available!

New in this version:

  • Debug menu: Export list of textures with name, dimensions and format
  • Experimental Metal-based renderer on macOS
  • Preferences UI on macOS
  • Restore old behavior for pivot of multi-object selections
  • Fix Debian package not installing on recent versions of the Ubuntu and Linux Mint
  • Fix Debian package not installing through Ubuntu Software Center
  • Fix crash when pressing certain keys with French keyboard layout (macOS only)
  • Fix loading status window (from debug menu) not appearing if it was closed earlier
  • Fix missing UI stylesheets on Linux
  • Fix missing icons in object properties window on Linux
  • Fix move command inadvertently waiting twice the wait time at the start of the animation (when both loop and wait are used)
  • Fix particle fade in not working in some cases
  • Fix start world setting (macOS)
  • Fix world name used for terrain, invite and join being overridden by "worldname" world setting

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More News

Version 0.3.67
Read More & Comment Virtual Paradise version 0.3.67 is now available! :)

New in this version:
  • Format date in object properties window based on the system locale
  • Use last selected object's origin and rotation as the pivot for multi-object selections (the original behavior was also broken in the previous version)
  • Support for custom cache folder location
  • Extended command support for OBJ models:
    • Normal map
    • Specular map
    • Opacity
    • Color
  • Improved libcurl based download manager
    • Time out stalled requests after 30 seconds
    • Don't write response body of failed requests to disk (404 Not Found etc.)
  • Use libcurl based download manager on Windows (instead of WinInet based downloader, the libcurl based download manager seems to be faster)
    • New cfg options: downloader=curl, downloader=wininet
  • Assign signs to group name vp_sign on OBJ and MD5Mesh models
  • Assign pictures to group name vp_picture on OBJ and MD5Mesh models
Fixed in this version:
  • Fix incorrect UI styles on Windows
  • Fix RWX rendering groups with differing LightSampling values being merged, resulting in incorrect rendering
  • Fix specular lighting for positional lights with Direct3D 11 renderer
  • Fix crashes because of incorrect cross-thread access of model collision data
  • Fix deadlock when accessing collision object from bump triggers (non-Windows platforms)
  • Fix particle emitters disappearing because of frustum culling. Frustum culling is now disabled for particle emitters.
  • Fix invisible objects with move/rotate/path staying invisible in build mode (making them impossible to select)
  • Fix VPSDK corruption when start world entry fails, caused reconnect dialogs to appear
  • Fix crash when a RWX file contains vertex index 0 or lower
  • Fix camera rotation limits not being applied in build mode (allows rotation using mouse controls to exceed 90 degrees up/down)
  • Fix PNG texture transparency not working on MD5Mesh and OBJ models
  • Fix Kd (diffuse) value from MTL file being interpreted as ambient in illum 0 mode (OBJ model materials)
  • Fix OBJ group names not being read correctly for files with Windows line end characters
Version 0.3.65 Version 0.3.63 and 0.3.64 Version 0.3.62

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