Virtual Paradise

Virtual Paradise is an online virtual universe consisting of several 3D worlds. In each world you can chat with others, create your own buildings and explore the environments built by other users of Virtual Paradise.

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Getting started

To get started you need a Virtual Paradise account. You can create a free account on the registration page.

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Latest News: Virtual Paradise 0.4.3

Virtual Paradise version 0.4.3 is now available!

New in this version:

  • Action syntax highlighting
  • Go to named object feature in context menu of action edit
  • Interpolate camera position from physics simulation (smoother movement: see video below)
  • Use save file dialog for 'Save screenshot' option in debug menu
  • Option to invert background color for highlighted messages
  • macOS: invert text color in dark mode on Mojave (10.14) and newer
  • macOS: disable automatic quote and dash substitution in action and description fields
  • Updated to Qt 5.15
  • Updated XAudio2 redist to 1.2.4
  • Updated CEF to v85
  • Fix chat text color after switching between light and dark themes
  • Fix jittery avatar animation with high frame rates
  • Fix streaming audio sources not getting cleaned up (XAudio2 only). After a certain number of played sounds no new sounds could be played.
  • Fix possible crash after login

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