Virtual Paradise

Virtual Paradise is an online virtual universe consisting of several 3D worlds. In each world you can chat with others, create your own buildings and explore the environments built by other users of Virtual Paradise.

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Getting started

To get started you need a Virtual Paradise account. You can create a free account on the registration page.

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Latest News: Virtual Paradise 0.4.6

Virtual Paradise version 0.4.6 is now available!

New in this version

  • Add mask support to particle emitter objects
  • Rectangle selection for terrain, by holding shift while pressing the arrow keys.
    • Unfortunately the selection rectangle is still invisible in this version
    • The maximum width of the rectangle to be selected is 10 by default. It can be set using the terrain_max_selection_width world setting up to a maximum of 32
  • Add support for tag= to sign command
  • Support for prelight in RWX models
  • Support normal (norm) and specular maps (map_Ks) from OBJ MTL files
  • Automatically adjust offset of md5mesh avatars and add avatarOffsetY and textOffsetY settings to allow overriding offsets
  • World option to reverse diagonals in terrain mesh (terrain_reverse_diagonals)
  • Experimental Vulkan graphics mode, still hidden from the UI. See below for more information
  • Mac: Fog support in Metal renderer
  • Mac: Set initial keyboard focus to 3D view
  • Mac: Quit the application when the last window is closed
  • Mac: Teleport to world feature
  • Mac: Position display in status bar
  • Mac: Add ability to change type for newly created objects
  • Mac: Fill current position in teleport to coordinates window
  • Fix error in OpenGL 4 shaders: Replace deprecated texture2D calls in shaders with texture (use of deprecated function was unnecessary and unintentional)
  • Fix possibly corrupted TLS connection if a lot of data is sent quickly, such as when importing a large object group
  • Fix aworld:? URLs in web pages opened with web command
  • Fix loop for MP3 sounds
  • Fix corrupted text in saved object groups for special characters
  • Fix crash when loading OBJ file with no valid faces
  • Fix SEQ not correctly preserving scale and shear
  • Fix bounding box and sphere for md5mesh models
  • Mac: Fix collapsing of sidebar in newer macOS versions
  • Mac: Fix crash when clicking on messages tab
Vulkan graphics mode

The Vulkan graphics mode is now approaching a usable state. It can be tested by setting renderer=6 in the virtualparadise.cfg file.

Here is what's new since the version described in the last blog post about it in April 2018:
  • Clustered lighting similar to Direct3D 11, GL 4.x and Metal renderers
  • Multisample anti-alias support
  • Use uniform buffers instead of push constants for modelview matrix
  • Materials
  • All blending mode variations that VP uses are now supported
  • Rendering of the 'basic' version of the gradient sky (as is also used for Direct3D 9 and OpenGL 1.x. Uses vertex colors)
  • Textures including mipmap generation and anisotropic filtering
  • Normal map materials
  • Normal map materials with a specular map
  • Lighting equations made equal to the ones used for Direct3D 11 and OpenGL 4.x (previously the light intensity was not clamped)
  • Rotated terrain textures now render correctly
  • Improved performance by reducing unnecessary updates of uniform buffers
  • Particles are now rendered with the correct depth stencil state
  • Support upload of clustered shading data using staging buffers when necessary (if a mapped buffer is not available)

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More News

Virtual Paradise 0.4.5
Read More & Comment Virtual Paradise version 0.4.5 is now available!

New in this version:
  • Add sync option to animate command
  • Add teleport to world option in teleport menu
  • AppImage works on newer Linux distributions again
  • Default UI stylesheet is now VP2021
  • Improve file handling for MP3 and Opus sounds
  • OpenGL 4: Cloud texture layers in sky
  • OpenGL 4: Fix rendering of rotated terrain textures
  • OpenGL 4: Per pixel sky coloring
  • OpenGL 4: Use a sampler buffer for clusters buffer
  • Remove 16x from multisampling drop down in settings (this setting never worked)
  • Remove distance fade, since it has been broken for a while and was only supported in OpenGL 2.x mode
  • Use a larger font for chat
  • Fix crash on teleport commands that lead to different worlds
  • Fix owner not set for objects loaded from an object group file
  • Fix pressing middle mouse (scroll) button triggering a mouse down event on objects using web commands
  • Fix RWX material stack restoring incorrect material after block end
  • Fix RWX model groups not sorted for rendering opaque parts before transparent parts
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